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King Crimson - "Court of The Crimson King"
Recently Sean has really been getting into this band. And to be honest, I'm surprised neither of us had given them a good listen before. King Crimson is an amazing English band that started recording music in the late 1960's. I really love this song in particular. When I first heard it, I immediately recognized it from the movie Children of Men. It is such an epic song, all nine minutes of it.

LADY GAGA COOKIES. Oh, lawdy. These are not to be missed. Gingerbread men shaped cookies with famous Gaga outfits!

♥ God, I love the Blythe dolls. I have secretly wanted one for a while, even to the point of wanting to be one of those freaks who sew customized outfits for their dolls, and take them out on photo shoots. Some genius over on the Craftster forums had the idea to make giant replicas of these iconic doll heads, and use them for a fashion show. Loves it!

Decorating Nature, a neat blog featuring fauna graffiti. I really like the idea behind this project. Although the outdoors are obviously beautiful enough on their own, adding color to leaves and placing them back into nature makes for some really beautiful pictures.


♥ Toy jellyfish for your water bottle. I kind of need one, I think.

♥ Larry Carlson's Weird Worlds Scrolls. Large, complex weird psychedelic collages. Slightly new age/occult and drug culture related. Right up my alley. May I suggest THE OWL LIGHT GROWS AT NIGHT and THE SHAGGY WOODS BEAST .

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